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Today we got a package in the mail! I think it only took 5 weeks to get here! Thank you so much Smith family for sending us all these goodies!
It really is a treat for us to have a little taste of home every once in a while. And Elizabeth was so excited with her new crayons, markers, and coloring book. Here is a picture of the floor a very happy 30 minutes after we opened the package.
Thank you again very much! We are so blessed by all our friends and family!
Update on Elizabeth: After we got the blood work back on Saturday for Elizabeth we ruled out dengue fever, and by Sunday she seemed completely back to herself. We assumed that it was a regular old virus and the worst was over (see previous post). Then Monday morning Elizabeth woke up vomiting and her fever was back. She was also complaining of a stomach ache and a headache. I called the doctor back and we went over the blood work again. With her symptoms and her white blood cell count, the current diagnosis is typhoid. We have started her on antibiotics, and though she still has a low grade fever, she is feeling better. We also have her on tylenol and anti-nausea medication to help control her symptoms. Honestly, I am very thankful to have a treatable diagnosis. Typhoid doesn’t scare me half as much as having a very sick kid and not knowing what is wrong. Every day I am thankful that we serve a faithful God who a sovereign healer. Thank you so much to all our friends and family for your prayers and support. We love you all!


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