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EMDC 2012

Last week I was in Germany at the Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation, and it was excellent!  It was an amazing combination of all the nerdy, geeky things I like to do combined with our work in the ethnoarts.  It was a week of talking about:

  • A/V documentation in minority people groups
  • getting media and Scripture onto phones
  • websites
  • Android and iPhone apps
  • copyright and informed consent
  • communication
  • software
  • orality and non-print media
  • and more!

I was very glad to be there for this conference, and I’ve come back with some great ideas for our work in Indonesia.  It’s exciting to talk to so many people on the cutting edge of technology and the arts for ministry.  There will be more on this later; as we start doing some new things I’ll try to keep posting about it here. 

Germany was beautiful, and I only wish I’d had some time to look around and do some sightseeing.  Of course, I’m not really allowed to go traipsing around Europe without my wife; I was under strict orders!  Here’s a few pictures of the area around where we had the conference:

2012-03-20 07.34.58

2012-03-20 07.30.11

2012-03-21 18.46.57

And of course, I had a layover in Paris so I had to have a nice breakfast.  Croissants and cappuccinos  really are better there:

2012-03-18 09.07.00


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